Diploma in Engineering is the skill, science and a profession that helps in acquiring and then applying scientific, social, economic and practical know-how, so that you are able to design and build machines, devices, structures and processes. In India all the students who take up mathematics aspire to be an engineer.

How to enroll for electrical engineering courses:

Requirement: Entrance to this course differs from institution to institution. Some ask for entrance and others are based on national exams. This course is based on physics and mathematics, a good score in these subjects is required.

Coursework: This course usually focuses on both theory and laboratory classes. This helps the students to get acquainted with both technical and theory process.

Specialization: This covers a wide range of topics. Most of the universities provide specialization as optional electives or mandatory part of the course.

Career prospects: Graduates of electrical engineering course can work in various fields of industry. The common sectors in which they can work are manufacturing units, maintenance, infrastructure development, construction, information technology and many more industrial field.